Wright woman gets help with happy delivery:  8/27/2014
Thanks to the quick thinking and actions of emergency personnel early Wednesday morning, a pregnant woman delivered a healthy baby girl at her home in the Town of Wright.
At 12:16am on the early morning of August 20, the Schoharie County 911 communication center received a call from Rudy de Vries, of the Town of Wright saying that his wife Amber was in labor, but he believed there was time to get to the hospital, according to the Schoharie Sheriff's office.
The 911 dispatcher, Becky Bris

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Sharon's turn for August flooding
What was by some measurements as much of nine inches of rain Wednesday and Thursday left Sharon Springs Central School mopping up and a Staleyville farmer ripping out crops she can no longer sell.
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Summit Shock sold--but new owner not talking
The high bidder for Summit Shock is being closed-mouthed about his plans for the former prison.
Dean Hansey, who listed his address as Lindenhurst, won last Wednesday's auction with a bid of $204,
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Grapevine Farms hopes recipe is a real winner
Grapevine Farms hopes chicken salad translates into $300,000.
Say again?
The Cobleskill boutique and restaurant is taking its popular chicken salad recipe to the World Food Championship in Las
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Big problems at tiny Cobleskill intersection
One of Cobleskill's smallest intersections could cost the village big money.
The intersection of Canterbury Drive and Crabapple Lane has severe storm drain problems, according to Trustee Guy Burt,
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Fall migrant

This tiny flyer takes a break in a Cobleskill backyard. Keep your feeders filled for a few more weeks as he and his friends pass through on their way to warmer climates.

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