Local schools all pass their budgets


Local schools all easily approved their budgets in voting Tuesday.

Cobleskill-Richmondville voters easily approved their 2017-18 budget in polling Tuesday, 540-170.
A proposition to buy buses also passed, 545-163.
Bruce Tryon, Steve Philbrick and Susan Emerson Strasser, all incumbents and unopposed school board candidates, were re-elected.
Voters also approved The Community Library budget, 532-177.

Voters in Worcester gave their new school budget solid support, approving it 146-39, in Tuesday’s balloting.
Voters also approved a proposition to buy buses, 144-40.
Tanya Shalor defeated Justin Frost in a race for a seat on the school board.

Gilboa-Conesville voters approved the district’s 2017-18 budget, 114-26, in Tuesday’s election.
Karl Gockel was re-elected to the school board with 115 votes; three others received single write-in votes.
Voters also approved:
?A proposition to use capital reserve funds a 20-passenger bus, a 60-passenger bus, a sports utility vehicle and a seven-passenger vehicle. 106-32.
•A proposition to establish a new capital reserve fund for bus purchases. 103-35.
•A proposition to establish a new capital reserve fund for building projects and renovations. 108-26.

Voters in Jefferson approved the district’s 2017-18 budget, 102-41, in polling Tuesday.
They also approved a bus purchase proposition, 102-41, and elected David Lapinel to the school board with 134 votes.

Sharon Springs Central School voters approved their $9.3 million budget, 121-15, and a $60,000 bus proposition, 111-22.
Jim MacFadden was re-elected to his own school board seat with 110 votes; he ran unopposed.

DCS voters approved their budget, 376-191, passed a bus purchase proposition, and elected Jennifer Sexton, Camile Siano Enders, and Joshua Menzies to the school board.

Voters in Middleburgh approved a $21.78 million budget Tuesday by a count of 336 to 194. They also approved a bus purchase proposition 337-193.
Board member Ernest Kuehl was re-elected to the board with 423 votes. He faced no opposition but there were 14 write-ins for Cara Hillicoss.

Schoharie voters approved a $23.4 million budget 389-143 on Tuesday.
They also approved a $19.8 building project by a count of 375-156 and a bus buy 405-128.
John Florussen with 325 votes, Laraine Gell with 318 were elected to the school board. Incumbent Maureen Bernhardt with 299 votes finished third.