Cobleskill Dems pick Nadeau


By Jim Poole

Cobleskill’s former mayor is making a bid for town supervisor this fall.
Democrats nominated Mark Nadeau, who resigned as mayor in 2010, at their caucus Friday night.
Mr. Nadeau is challenging incumbent Leo McAllister, whom Republicans nominated for his third three-year term earlier this summer.
County Democratic Chairman Cliff Hay chaired the caucus and said he asked Mr. Nadeau to run.
“Cobleskill is not as business friendly as it should be,” Mr. Hay told the 15 party members gathered at The Community Library.
“I see the progress he’s made. I think we need a business mind to run the county and town.”
Mr. Nadeau resigned as mayor seven years ago amid racism charges that he used the n-word during a campaign for mayor.
In an unrelated matter, village police arrested Mr. Nadeau for ripping up a public parking lot near his Union Street property this past July. The case is still pending; meanwhile, Mr. Nadeau filed a lawsuit against the village, claiming damages.
None of the past surfaced Friday evening. Instead, Mr. Nadeau spoke of his 40 years in business as a contractor and his experience in government.
He also recommended bringing town and village government closer together, both physically and in working relationships.
It’s time to end having both offices on Mineral Springs Road, he said.
“We have to act as one. We need to bring town and village offices back downtown where taxpayers have better access,” Mr. Nadeau said.
Contacted Saturday, Mr. McAllister wouldn’t comment on his opponent’s nomination but said he was running to complete unfinished business.
He’s looking at a proposal that could bring town and village offices to a restored portion of the library––only in the planning stage––and leave the court and police station on Mineral Springs Road.
Mr. McAllister also wants to work on financing the extended water and sewer lines to Howe Caverns to make sure the cost doesn’t burden taxpayers.
On the county level, Mr. McAllister hopes to see the troublesome streambank project finished and be in office when the new county jail is erected.
“But the bottom line is that I like doing this,” Mr. McAllister said. “I’ve been in office four years, and I’d like to continue.”

• • •
On Friday night, Democrats also nominated Patricia Adams to run for one of two council seats.
Republicans nominated incumbent R.J. Mallery and Maryann Wolalber-Bryan for the two seats.
The council positions are for four years.