New Cobleskill Landlords Discussion Group meets Thursday


By Patsy Nicosia

Hoping they can problem-solve together, a newly-formed Cobleskill Landlords Discussion Group will meet for the first time this Thursday at 7pm at Coby’s on Main Street.
All Cobleskill landlords are invited, said Greg Furlong, who’s putting together the meeting—and the organization.
“I’m looking to see if there are problems we can work on together and hopefully, we learn from each other,” Mr. Furlong said.
Likely topics will include: Landlords’ rights and responsibilities; their relationship with the village, town and SUNY Cobleskill; leases, and dealing with tenant problems.
As the Cobleskill Landlords Discussion Group continues to meet, Mr. Furlong said he plans to invite in speakers from the Village’s Codes Office, Cobleskill Police Department, and the college as well as local attorneys; Mayor Linda Holmes has also said she’s interested in being involved, he said.
For more information on the meeting or the organization, contact Mr. Furlong at (518) 366-9296 or attend Thursday’s meeting.