Schools easily approve budgets


Local Schools easily approved their budgets in voting Tuesday

Cobleskill-Richmondville voters easily approved their $41.6 million 2018-19 budget in polling Tuesday, 631-299.
A proposition to buy a total of six busses for not more than $599,092 also passed, 663-265.
Elected to two seats on the school board were Aimee Yorke, 539 votes, and Dominga Lent, 418. Brianne Slater received 402, and John Scott, 356.
Voters also approved the Community Library budget, 663-265.

Middleburgh Central School voters approved their $22.2 million budget, 307-197.
They also approved the purchase of three busses at a cost not to exceed $305,000 313-189, and established a capital fund for building work not to exceed $200,000, 333-179.
Pam Standhart and Becky Binder both ran unopposed for their own school board seats and won re-election.

Schoharie Central School’s $23 million budget passed, 251-133.
Voters also approved a bus purchase resolution not to exceed $313,041, 276-108, and agreed to use not more than $2.5 million from the capital reserve fund for building and site work, 269-114.
Bill Kuehnle polled XX votes for his own school board seat; he ran unopposed.
Winning a seat in a write-in election was Maureen Bernhardt.

Sharon Springs Central School voters approved their $9.4 million budget, 112-23.
They also approved a bus resolution of not more than $125,000, 109-26, and re-elected Laura Jackson to her own school board seat with 123 votes.

In Worcester, voters approved their $11.4 million budget, 119-30.
They also approved buying two busses at a cost not to exceed $112,000 each, 119-30, the same total as the budget vote. They re-elected Peter Kwaitkowski to his own seat on the school board with 119 votes.

Gilboa-Conesville voters approved their $10.6 million budget, 92-34.
They also approved a proposition to buy two busses and a van, 97-29.
Voters re-elected Michael Fleischman to his school board seat. He received 110 votes.

Voters in Jefferson approved their school’s budget, 120-52.
They also approved bus purchases, 130-44.
Elected to a five-year term on the school board was Jessica Hendrickson with 135 votes. Edward Slicer was elected to a two-year unexpired term with 107 votes.
Elizabeth Fallo received 67 votes.