T-J sub promotion for Cobleskill FD kicks into high gear


The Times-Journal promotion to benefit the Cobleskill Fire Department goes into full swing this week at the Sunshine Fair.
The T-J will donate $25 to the fire department every time someone buys a new $50 subscription.
Firefighters are participating by distributing free Times-Journal Fair magazines at their popular food booth.
A single-sheet flyer in each magazine explains the promotion and has a form to complete.
“If giving $25 for each new $50 subscription seems too generous, well, that’s okay,” said T-J Publisher Jim Poole.
“Our fire department deserves it.”
For each renewal of a subscription, the Times-Journal will donate $10.
The fire department’s food booth has 550 magazines, and the T-J will deliver more if necessary.
The magazines, including the subscription flyer, are also available at the T-J’s booth in Progressland.
The promotion doesn’t end with the Fair but will continue through the summer.