Nadeau gets dissolution sigs


By Jim Poole

Dissolving the Village of Cobleskill––or at least studying the possibility––may be a step closer.
Former Cobleskill mayor Mark Nadeau said Saturday that he has enough signatures on petitions so that the village board can put dissolution on the ballot for voters.
Mr. Nadeau started his petition drive three weeks ago, hoping to eliminate one layer of government to make it more efficient and accountable.
He found many residents felt the same way.
Mr. Nadeau said he needed 200 signatures, and he now “has that and then some.”
Trying to get a cross-section of Cobleskill on his petition, Mr. Nadeau “tried to pick different areas in the economy, not just the more well-to-do.”
Probably only eight or nine he approached wouldn’t sign and “had their own reasons.”
The petition won’t necessarily result in dissolving the village into the town, but Mr. Nadeau hopes it leads to at least studying the issue.
“All that signed thought it was an excellent idea and should be explored further if not carried out,” he said.
“If all that happens is that we combine just one department, that’s good.”
Mr. Nadeau, who’s also running for councilman on the town board, said he’ll probably turn his petition into Village Clerk Sheila Wilday later this week.
This is the third attempt at village dissolution. Others were in 2009 and 2013.
Contacted Saturday, Mayor Linda Holmes had no comment about Mr. Nadeau’s petitions.