Irene: Mold experts in Cobleskill Monday


On Monday, September 12, Joseph Laquatra, an Extension housing specialist and a professor in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University, will be at The Extension Center, 178 South Grand Street, Cobleskill from 1-3pm.
Dr. Laquatra will be available to answer questions, by phone or in person, from residents who are cleaning up and rebuilding after the flood.
Of particular concern is the problem of preventing mold growth as residents rebuild.
This is an area of expertise that Dr. Laquatra has an extensive background in.
He recently served on the NYS Task Force on Toxic Mold and last December the Task Force presented a report to the Governor and the Legislature.
Dr. Laquatra also authored a fact sheet on hiring a mold remediation contractor, which will be available.
Resources for do-it-yourselfers are available from the CCE website at .
In addition, Dr. Laquatra will be bringing a moisture meter to loan out to residents as they rebuild.
The CCE Extension office is asking anyone who has a moisture meter and who is willing to loan it out to residents to contact the office at 234-4303 or 296-8310.