Sharon doesn't think supervisors should ban pipelines


By Patsy Nicosia

Like their neighbors to the east, the Town of Sharon doesn't have a problem with gas pipelines and doesn't feel supervisors should ban them.
In August, Blenheim Supervisor Shawn Smith drafted a resolution opposing any additional pipelines within Schoharie County.
The move, prompted by efforts by Constitution Pipeline and Tennessee Gas Pipeline to build pipelines through parts of the county, never made it out of the Historical, Planning, and Promotion Committee, but supervisors could consider it at their September 19 meeting.
Sharon Supervisor and committee Chair Sandra Manko told councilmen Wednesday that she opposed the ban because she feels the pipeline is a town-by-town issue.
"I don't feel the county should be over-riding towns in land use issues like wind and pipelines," Ms. Manko said.
Sharon's had a pipeline passing through its northern edge since the early 1950s without any problems, Ms. Manko said.
Other opponents to the ban include supervisors from Carlisle and Wright, Ms. Manko said; both get considerable tax money from the pump stations in their towns and both feel Tennessee Gas has been a good neighbor.
Councilmen agreed with Ms. Manko and voted unanimously to oppose the ban.
At the same time, at the request of Planning Board Chairman Ray Parsons, Ms. Manko and councilmen agreed to contact consultant Nan Stolzenburg about taking an in-depth look at its existing subdivision regulations and possibly its hydrofracking and road preservation regulations as well.
"Just to make sure we are truly covered," Mr. Parsons said.
"It's a conversation that's been going on for some time...there are a lot of gray areas and it would be helpful to have someone with a better handle on things take a look at it, to streamline it if nothing else."
Ms. Manko said regulations for solar installations should also be looked at throughout the county.