Airing of Quilts will promote Quilt Barn Trail


By Jim Poole

Quilts of all colors will be on display in Schoharie County this Saturday.
It's the "Airing of the Quilts," from 9am to 5pm, designed to promote the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail.
The Quilt Barn Trail features large quilt blocks decorating homes, barns, stores and other buildings around the county.
The Airing of the Quilts "is to bring more awareness of the Quilt Barn Trail," according to Sharon Aitchison, a member of the Quilt Barn Committee.
"In colonial times, ladies would hang their quilts out in the fresh air to air them out," Ms. Aitchison said.
Quilts will be hanging on Mineral Springs Road and Lawyersville Road in Cobleskill, Coons Road in Middleburgh, Grapevine Farms in Cobleskill and The Apple Barrel in Schoharie, among other locations.
More than 50 large quilt blocks are on display on the Quilt Barn Trail:
Cobleskill, Sharon Springs, Warnerville
--Tryon barn, Route 10, Hyndsville.
--Fire Mark Insurance, Cobleskill.
--Quinn carriage house, Washington Avenue, Cobleskill.
--Bates property, Route 10, Hyndsville.
--Gobbler's Knob, Route 145, East Cobleskill.
--Sunshine Fairgrounds, Cobleskill.
--Reed's Beef Farm, Evergreen Road, Carlisle.
--Brunn Farm, Franklin Bellinger Road, Sharon Springs..
--Rosenberg Road, Sharon Springs.
--Grapevine Farms, Route 7, Cobleskill.
--Olcott property, Myers Road, Cobleskill.
--SUNY Cobleskill.
--Pettey's barn, Quarry Street, Cobleskill.
Richmondville, Summit, Jefferson
--269 Main Street, Richmondville.
--Cook's Firehouse Studio, Summit Street, Richmondville.
--Beards Hollow Church, Richmondville.
--157 Crow's Nest Road, Summit.
--VonGlahn property, Tamarack Road, Summit.
--Danforth Jersey Farm, Jefferson.
--Loder Farm, Beards Hollow Road, Richmondville.
--Bunn Mill, Richmondville.
--201 Main Street, Richmondville.
--Shirley's Stoneycreek Restaurant, Route 7, Richmondville.
--Doris Blake Piano Studio, Route 10, Summit.
--Elm Farm, Brooker Hollow Road, Richmondville.
--Primeau Barn, Beards Hollow Road, Richmondville.
Middleburgh, Gilboa, Huntersland, Blenheim
--Hallock Farm, Flat Creek Road, Gilboa.
--Elder property, Clauverwie Road, Middleburgh.
--Green Spiral Herbs, Coons Road, Huntersland.
--Quinn property, Mill Valley Road, Middleburgh.
--Barber's Farm, Route 30, Middleburgh.
--Crossroads of Routes 145 and 30, Middleburgh.
--Middleburgh Library, Main Street, Middleburgh.
--Becker Farm, Route 30, Middleburgh.
--Dr. Best House, Middleburgh.
--Middleburgh Hardware, Middleburgh.
--NBT Bank, Main Street, Middleburgh.
--The Apple Barrel, Route 30, Schoharie.
--Generations Antiques, Main Street, Schoharie.
--The Carrot Barn, Route 30, Schoharie.
--Schoharie Library, Knower Avenue, Schoharie.
--Old Stone Fort, Schoharie.
Gallupville, Berne
--Applewood Acres, Knox Road, Gallupville.
--Knox Road, Gallupville.
--Meader Farm, Larry Hill Road, Gallupville.
--King's Creek Pottery, Route 443, Gallupville.
--Olde Corner Store, Factory Street, Gallupville.
--Lilac Hollow Farm, Cotton Hill road, Berne.
--Hessian Hill Farm, Treadlemire Hill, Berne.
--McLean and Elberfeld property, Beebe Road, Berne.
Central Bridge, Esperance
--Landis Arobretum, Lape Road, Esperance.
--Olde Tater Barn, Tater Barn Road, Central Bridge.
A map showing the quilt barn sites is on the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail's facebook page.