We'll always remember Loren

By Jim Poole

Warm memories of Loren Guernsey chased away a chilly wind at the Cobleskill Fairgrounds Sunday afternoon.
And memories were what the late Mr. Guernsey was all about, as friends and family gathered to dedicate the Historic Treasures building, filled with Schoharie County memorabilia, in his honor.
Mr. Guernsey died January 1, 2009.
Mr. Guernsey was a founder of the Historic Treasures building eight years ago. He and his wife, Ruth, donated many of the items on display.
The idea of displaying interesting and everyday items from long-ago farm life took hold, and a second building to house more displays went up in 2007.
It was Mr. Guernsey’s dedication to history, his humor and fellowship that brought a gathering of 75 for the dedication.
“His insight and desire to preserve the heritage of Schoharie County was important,” said Hope Coons, a friend. “He wanted people to have real things to see and touch.”
His friendship encouraged others to donate items and take an interest in history and the displays, said his grandson, Warren Guernsey.
“It was his combination of intellect and personality that made him and Ruth the key to Historic Treasures,” Warren said.
Mr. Guernsey’s son, Kent, noted his dad’s good humor––besides being one of the Punkin Holler Gang––and how he used that skill to illustrate history.
“He was one of the greatest storytellers I ever knew,” Kent said. “He was a rich, oral, historic storyteller.”
Assemblyman Pete Lopez read a citation from the state legislature honoring Mr. Guernsey and pointed out the importance of Sunday’s dedication.
“Important things and events are history,” Mr. Lopez said. “But it’s important to remember that our historic treasures are our people.”
A photo of Mr. Guernsey is on the wall of the Historic Treasures building, and a plaque honoring him is framed by a refinished iron seat from a horse-drawn plow from the Guernsey farm.

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