Zion LC hopes to serve kids' summer lunches


Zion Lutheran Church has applied to the State Education Department to become a Summer Food Service Program Sponsor.
If approved, the church will become a host site for the Cobleskill area, where children will be able to receive a free lunch this summer.
"We are very excited about the program and hope to receive our approval soon," said Pastor Sara Litzner.
"Given the current financial situation that many families find themselves in, a program like this will be a tremendous resource for the community."
The Church has applied to operate the program from July9-August 30, with meals being provided at the church's assembly hall at 615 East Main Street.
The hours of operation would be between 11am-1pm, and meals are required to be eaten on site.
"We are also looking at being able to provide additional activities and resources such as reading programs and other activities before and after the lunch time period," said Pastor Litzner.
An important component of the program is being able to determine an approximate number of children who might take advantage of the program.
The church is mandated by state guidelines to prepare a bid specification for the vendors who will supply the meals, and the bid needs to reflect the number of meals desired at the site each day.
The program will be open to all children from pre-K through the age of 18.
"Since this has never been done here before, we need some help in determining the level of potential participation in order to make it a success," said Pastor Litzner.
"We are asking parents and guardians to please help in this effort by calling the church office at 234-3381 Monday through Friday to assist us in determining the potential number of children we might serve.
"We would like to get this information in the next week if possible so we can finalize the bids. There is no need to register or provide names-just leave a message with the number of children who would attend."

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