C-R puts together $7 million to-do list


By Jim Poole

A wide range of maintenance projects that may cost more than $7 million are in Cobleskill-Richmondville's future.
The work includes all four C-R schools plus the bus garage and varies from foundations to roofs, and most things in between.
"Roof, windows, chimney repair. . .these are things homeowners have to keep up themselves," said Superintendent Carl Mummenthey.
"It's just so much more expensive for us."
Golding School, being the oldest, has the most expensive checklist, but other schools have big-ticket items, too. (See related story in this week's T-J.)
The state requires a building condition survey every several years, and a team of architects and engineers, along with C-R's Facilities Committee, went through the schools and bus garage earlier this year.
Although most state requirements can be burdensome, this one isn't. Postponing repairs could make them more expensive.
"It's actually good that the state makes us look at this, so that $7 million doesn't become $40 million." Mr. Mummenthey said.
The survey prioritizes necessary work, highlighting items that may be at or beyond their life expectancy.
If C-R bundles all the work into one capital project or a series of projects, the district could receive 70 to 80 percent state aid.
Also, C-R has $2 million in Smart Schools money and extra Excell funds, Mr. Mummenthey said.
"In any project we do, we want to leverage our money to the fullest to ease the burden on taxpayers," he said.
"This is all driven by the least impact to the taxpayer."
The bus garage is under different considerations than the school. C-R does not own the bus garage, so officials may be reluctant to invest in repairs to a building the district doesn't own.
C-R is looking at other bus garage options, including properties or buildings that may be suitable for a garage.
Mr. Mummenthey said a feasibility study on the garage will be done this fall.
For the other work, the Facilities Committee will get a plan to the school board in the winter or spring.
Mr. Mummenthey expected the work to be done over the next three to five years.