Whoops! C-R moms learn kids might not be C-R students


By Jim Poole

Two mothers learned last week that their children, Cobleskill-Richmiondville students for several years, may not be going to C-R.
Crystal Kennedy, and her neighbor, Christina Arvidson, live on Rossman Valley Road in Summit. Although their kids have been C-R students, the families apparently don't live within district lines.
Sympathizing with the families, Superintendent Carl Mummenthey explained how the situation started.
Both families filled out the proper enrollment paperwork several years ago, Mr. Mummenthey said. However, personnel at the bus garage didn't verify residency, the correct next step.
The mistake wasn't discovered until this summer, when in reviewing bus routes, it became clear Rossman Valley Road wasn't within the district, Mr. Mummenthey said.
Ms. Kennedy told board members her son attended C-R pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and was preparing to enter first grade next week.
Then, she received a phone call last week and was "notified we're no longer within the district and we were told to enroll in Middleburgh," Ms. Kennedy said.
She knows nothing about the Middleburgh district, Ms. Kennedy added, and such a move nowwould mean reconfiguring day care.
"It's completely unrealistic to him as a student and me as a parent," Ms. Kennedy said.
Ms. Arvidson echoed similar concerns. Her daughter, entering second grade, requires special services, she said.
"To toss her into a new school would make her go five steps backward," Ms. Arvidson said.
Mr. Mummenthey acknowledged C-R's role.
"We own this. This is a district error," he said. "It was a mistake that was discovered not weeks later, but years later. It's embarrassing."
Now, Mr. Mummenthey said, the best solution will be fair to both the families and the school district.
"We'll have to look at every avenue and work really, really hard with creative problem-solving," he said.
"We don't want to make exceptions, but we want to be fair."
Although Mr. Mummenthey said both students can start the year at C-R, Ms. Kennedy asked for a year's grace if they eventually had to transfer.
Ms. Kennedy mentioned the possibility of paying tuition to stay at C-R and looking at other options.