T-J, C-R Booster Club teams up for sub fundraiser


With the fall sports schedule suddenly in full swing, the Times-Journal is again teaming up with the Cobleskill-Richmondville All Sports Booster Club.
In a fundraiser that began last fall, the Booster Club will get a percentage of T-J subscriptions that club members sell.
Subscriptions are $50 per year. For a new subscription, the T-J will pay the club $15; for a renewal, $5.
"We have extensive coverage of Cobleskill-Richmondville athletics, so it's only natural that we help out," said Publisher Jim Poole.
In December, T-J Sales Manager Bruce Tryon presented the club with $225, the results of last fall's fund drive.
Past years have seen the club buy almost 75 percent of the uniforms for sports teams, according to club President Meka Ousterhoudt.
The school district itself is retuning to purchasing uniforms, so the club will support teams in other ways.
"We'll use funds to supplement the extras--special equipment, camps and things to boost school pride," Ms. Osterhoudt said.
"That's exactly what the Booster Club does--boost all sports," Mr. Poole added. "That's why we want to help."
Booster Club members will have flyers at games this fall. Fans will return the flyer and payment to the T-J, and the paper will send the Boosters' share to the club.
Also, there's an ad on page 26 that has a form to fill out for subscriptions.
Mr. Poole said the T-J is willing to work with booster clubs at other schools to help raise money.
"Booster clubs are always looking for fundraising ides," he said. "This is one way to do it."