Bomb threat clears out County Office Building


By David Avitabile

Schoharie County employees and residents were evacuated from the county office building in Schoharie Monday morning after a written bomb threat was received at the county clerk's office.
A large envelope from out-of-state was received at the county building Monday morning simply address to the clerk, according to Sheriff Tony Desmond. It was delivered to the county clerk's office on the first floor at about 11am.
The correspondence inside the envelope stated that there was a bomb in the building, the Sheriff said.
The note was brought to the security desk on the first floor and 911 was called, Sheriff Desmond added.
The building was evacuated and county employees and members of the general public did not return to the county building for the rest of the day.
Three explosive sniffing dogs from the State Police, SUNY Cobleskill, and the Schenectady Police, were brought in. Nothing dangerous was found, according to Sheriff Desmond.
Police are trying to find out who sent the letter.
"There is "nothing we can link it to right now," Sheriff Desmond said.
Though nothing was found, every precaution had to be taken, county board Chairman Earl VanWormer said Tuesday.
"We did not take any chances. You have to treat them as a real event because it is.
"I'm not going to put the employees of Schoharie County or the general public in jeopardy. This is not something we can take chances on."
Mr. VanWormer praised the work of those involved.
"They did an excellent job, the Sheriff, the Under-Sheriff, and the people in my office keeping everyone informed," Mr. VanWormer said.
"Everyone did exactly what had to be done."