Cops arrest kid for Esperance swastikas


State Police on Thursday arrested a 13-year-old boy in connection with swastikas spray-painted on buildings in Esperance.
Troopers charged the boy, whose name was not released, with 10 counts of making graffiti and one count of third-degree burglary.
The swastikas were painted on traffic signs, buildings and a church. Residents discovered the vandalism on New Year's Day.
Besides the spray-painting, State Police discovered that the basement of one building had been broken into, and there was graffiti in the basement.
Troopers collected evidence and interviewed residents and decided the boy acted alone.
They also believed the spray-painting was random and "did not target a specific person or group because of any perception or bias," according to a State Police news release.
Troopers said the boy was familiar with the swastika symbol from seeing it in video games and "and chose it because it was easy to draw," according to the release.
State Police do not expect further charges.
The boys is to appear in family court at a later date.