Activists plan Cobleskill vigil for women Saturday


By Patsy Nicosia

With an eye to the post-inaugural Women's March on Washington this Saturday, two local activists are putting together a Standing Together For All Women vigil from 1-2pm at the corner of Main and Division Streets in Cobleskill.
Elliott Adams of Sharon Springs and Susan Spivack of Cobleskill are the contacts for the family-friendly, non-partisan event, which is a sister action to the Washington, DC march and shares that event's goals.
"It's not political," Mr. Adams said. "Rather it's in support of women everywhere and a way to bring people-our neighbors-together where we live. We believe in equality of all women. Especially now."
The Women's March on Washington is a grassroots effort that will begin at 10am Saturday by the Capitol.
At last count, more than a half-million marchers have signed up to participate and nearly 300 sister events-including a second march in New York City as well as local events in Cobleskill and Cooperstown-have been created.
"While each person may have their own reasons for marching, the mission is to bring people together to take a stand on issues that deeply impact all of us," said Women's March on Washington spokesman Tina Cassidy.
Those issues include "reaffirming the core American values of freedom and democracy for all at a time when many fear that their voices will be lost," Ms. Cassidy said, "specifically related to women's rights, immigrant rights, worker rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, environmental rights, rights for all races, and religious freedom."
Though Mr. Adams said the Cobleskill event isn't intended to be political, he said it grew out of some of the comments that emerged from the Trump campaign.
"Change happened during this election exposed some points of view that are not okay," Mr. Adams said.
"This vigil isn't about's about respecting all people. We're all neighbors."
Ms. Spivack agreed and said the signs she's working on for the vigil will reflect that.
"I want to be positive and look toward the future," she said.
A likely message?
Human Rights Are Women's Rights and Women's Rights Are Human Rights.
Ms. Spivack said she's hoping other groups and individuals will join the Cobleskill event in lining Main Street.
The event is being held at the corner of Main and Division Streets and not at the corner of Main and Union Streets, where the Schoharie County Peacemakers regularly gather, for a very deliberate reason, she said:
It is not a Peacemaker's vigil.
No drugs or alcohol, weapons or verbal or physical violence will be allowed at the Cobleskill vigil. There will be no planned speeches.
"It's the simplest of events," Ms. Spivack said.
For more information, contact Mr. Adams at 441-2697.