Help paint Iroquois mural


The Iroquois Indian Museum in Howes Cave will host artist Jay Havens for a special project on Wednesday, July 26.
Mr. Havens will be producing a 10-by-40-foot mural in the Children’s Museum. He will invite visitors from eight years old through elders to take part in the painting of this permanent mural.
Related activities will be available for younger visitors.
Mr. Hay will debut the mural during the Iroquois Indian Festival September 2 and 3.
During his residency at the museum, Mr. Havens will discuss the development of the project, the significance of the mural, and the contemporary stories and concepts it portrays.
On Fridays at 1pm, Mr. Havens will also present artist talks focused on his creative process, his other works addressing consumerism and environmental degradation and the relationship between conventional and contemporary Native arts.