SSCS disciplines 3 in locker room incident


By Patsy Nicosia

Three eighth-grade boys at Sharon Springs Central School have been disciplined for urinating on and spitting into a pair of sneakers left behind in the locker room.
They’ve also been told to replace the sneakers, which belong to a seventh-grade student.
Superintendent Pat Green said he couldn’t comment publicly on the disciplinary actions he took nor could he ID the students involved.
His decision on the appropriate discipline, he said, had to wait until he had time to view video from four cameras in the hallways outside the locker room--video that showed the three boys entering and leaving the locker room during the time in question.
Mr. Green said the seventh-grader’s parents brought the incident to his attention after the boy discovered the urine-wet sneakers, which had been placed on top of his backpack.
Mr. Green said it appears the boys took advantage of the fact that the sneakers were left out in an unlocked locker room and that it was not a targeted case of bullying.
But at the same time, he stressed the importance of students and parents reporting any bullying or harassment to him, staff, or other administrators.
SSCS also focused on the specifics of the Dignity for All Students Act, which defines bullying, the steps for reporting and investigating it, and the consequences in its Thursday, October 4 Weekly Bulletin.