Tourism Rountable December 12 in Cobleskill


By Patsy Nicosia

Schoharie County will hold a Tourism Roundtable at the Cooperative Extension in Cobleskill next Wednesday, December 12, at 9am.
The roundtable is a follow-up to last spring’s Tourism Summit and is a way to both begin planning for 2020 and possibly tweak supervisors’ plans for 2019.
Faced with a loss of $60,000 in Occupancy Tax monies from the Rodeway Inn in Cobleskill—closed Thursday because of code violations—supervisors have given the task of handing ’19’s tourism promotion efforts to County Administrator Steve Wilson’s office with plans to re-launch something more substantial in 2020.
“This is a way to start the dialogue,” Mr. Wilson said. “To pull together people in the tourism community to see if we can design a more effective tourism program for 2020.”
Mr. Wilson said he thinks it’s especially important to develop a tourism program that can work in conjunction with the county’s economic development effort.
With that in mind, he said he expects input from Wednesday’s meeting could go a long way toward putting together a better RFP for 2020.
Mr. Wilson said he’s also open to ideas for boosting what the county has planned for 2019—though that decision is ultimately up to supervisors.
For more information on the tourism roundtable, contact Mr. Wilson’s office at (518) 295-8303.