Here's a look at our 2018 T-J Star nominations


Even though we won’t be delivering it until the 26th, we’re putting together this issue of the Times-Journal Sunday, before Christmas.
Which means that just like Santa, we’re making our list and checking it twice.
Or checking your list, really—of nominations for the 2018 T-J Star, someone who had a newsworthy and positive impact on the community over the past 12 months.
Next week, we’ll introduce you to our latest Star.
For now, here’s a list of those nominated. (And thanks to everyone who helped.)
Bruce Tryon.
William Johnson.
James Meinsma.
Georgia VanDyke.
The late Cherie Stevens.
Judge Richard Smith.
Alicia Terry.
Theresa Heary.
David Houck.
Madelyn Weiss.
Marge Becker.
Sheila Wilday.
Tim Snyder.
Pat Costello.
Rick and Karen Conner
Charlie and Donna Olsen.
Stephen Strasser.
Mike Langan.
Georgia Shafer.
Colleen DeLorenzo.
Mary Ann Larkin.