Unusual path for BOCES nusre


You could say Ingrid Trappenburg took an unconventional path to serving as nurse at the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School Schoharie Campus.
Less than two decades ago, she was a nurse in a large hospital in Germany and a resident of a small village near Stuttgart in Southwest Germany. An adventurous spirit and a great uncle living in North Blenheim, Schoharie County brought her to rural upstate New York.
“My father’s uncle lived here and he said they needed nurses in America, so I said ‘why not?  I was young and adventurous,” Ms. Trappenburg said of her decision to move to the U.S. in 2006.
She passed “the boards” in the US and was able to continue working as a registered nurse, which led to a 12-year career in the emergency department at Cobleskill Hospital.
A desire for better hours--12-hour nursing shifts are notoriously difficult--and time home with her children ultimately led her to explore--and fall in love with--school nursing.
“I just like being around children. It’s amazing how much need (in the students) there is - need with issues at home, the need to talk to someone, health needs. It’s amazing,” Ms. Trappenburg said.
Ms. Trappenburg said there is never a dull moment on campus and there are always work to be done--even if it’s not specifically nursing related.
“I really like helping the students, listening to them, being there for them,” she added.
Capital Region BOCES Schoharie Campus Principal Mindy Iannotti said “Nurse Trappenburg has been a fantastic addition to our campus staff!  She brings a wealth of medical and life experience with her to help our students in a variety of ways.”