Voters okay school budgets


Voters in the Times-Journal area approved school budgets and propositions and elected candidates to school boards.
In Cobleskill-Richmondville, the budget passed 610-169.
Voters elected Mary Black and Josh McCann to the school board. Courtney LaBarge was also on the ballot.
The proposition to purchase buses passed 606 to 170, as did a proposition to establish a capital reserve fund, 633 to 139.
The Community Library budget passed 599 to 169.
Schoharie voters approved their budget, 308 to 108.
Elected to the school board were Terry Burton, Tara Barton and Dan Guasp. Zachary Doherty was also on the ballot.
Voters approved a school-bus proposition, 327 to 89, and also approved the library tax levy, 317 to 100.
In Middleburgh, voters approved the budget 286 to 120 and also approved a bus proposition, 271-136.
Incumbents Deb Bechtold and Vicki Hoerz, running unopposed for the school board, were re-elected.
Sharon Springs voters approved their budget 241 to 46 and the bus proposition 231 to 52.
Helen Roberts was re-elected to her school board seat, and Sofia Issa received 198 votes, defeating Cori Bissonette, for the other seat on the ballot.
Gilboa-Conesville voters approved their budget 80 to 15 and also passed two propositions to establish a capital fund for bus purchases, 82 to 12 and 79 to 14.
Gregory Woodcock, running opposed for the school board, received 77 votes.
In Jefferson, voters approved the budget 190 to 69 and passed a bus proposition 193 to 66.
Carol Parker received 143 votes to win a seat on the school board. She defeated Marc Lawrence, who received 87 votes, and Elizabeth Fallo, who garnered 30.
Worcester voters approved their budget 175 to 57, and also approved a bus proposition 180 to 50.
Running unopposed for her school board seat, Stacey Serdy received 195 votes.