Volunteers restore historic cemetery


On Saturday, July 13, John Maxwell of Cobleskill, along with volunteers Richard Finch, Joe Pagano, Jr., and Rose Walker, labored with bush hog, pruners, rakes, trash bags, bottled water, and fresh donuts to begin restoring the old Hynds family cemetery on Clove Road in Hyndsville.  
The resting place of Peter Hynds (born 1792, according to headstone and census records) and of at least 15 descendants or in-laws, the cemetery had long been concealed from sight by trees, weeds, vines and trash and is now being re-opened to view.
In 2017, Mr. Maxwell and friends successfully cleaned up the Gale-Myers family cemetery (Cornwell Farm) off Barnerville Road between Cobleskill and Bramanville. 
Recently restoration work was also begun on the Klock cemetery in Seward, near the intersection of  Routes 165 and 10.
“We need to respect what came before,” said Mr. Maxwell of Ancestors Remembered. “Cleaning headstones is part of respecting history, respecting our ancestors, showing that we still care.”
Part two of the Hynds family cemetery clean-up will begin at 4pm on August 10. 
Interested volunteers can find scheduled events and more information on Facebook; search “Ancestors Remembered.”