Just a handful of supervisor's races in November


By Patsy Nicosia

There will only be a handful of contested Schoharie County supervisor’s races on the November 5 ballot.
According to filings with the Board of Elections, there will be races in only the Towns of Cobleskill, Middleburgh, Richmondville, and Schoharie.
In the 12 other towns, supervisors are running unopposed.
In the contested races:
Cobleskill—Incumbent Republican Leo McAllister is being challenged by Democrat Anne Rogan.
Middleburgh—Democrat William Ansel McCabe and Republican Wesley Laraway are running for Republican Pete Coppolo’s seat after the GOP endorsed Mr. Laraway at its caucus.
Mr. Coppolo is running for councilman.
Richmondville—Democrat Vern Hall is challenging incumbent Republican Richard Lape.
Schoharie—Republican Alan Tavenner, named to replace Chris Tague after Mr. Tague was elected Assemblyman in 2018, is being challenged by Democrat Lea Gardiner.
Running unopposed for supervisor:
Blenheim—Don Airey (D/R).
Broome—Stephen Weinhofer (R).
Carlisle—John Leavitt ((D/R)
Conesville—Bill Federice (R/C/I).
Esperance—Earl Van Wormer III (D/R).
Fulton—Philip Skowfoe Jr. (D).
Gilboa—Alicia Terry (R/C/I).
Jefferson—Margaret Hait (R/C/I).
Seward—Earlin Rosa (D/R).
Sharon—Sandra Manko (D/R).
Summit—Harold Vroman (R/C/I).
Wright—Alex Luniewski (D/R/C/I).
There’s a little more action in town council seats with races in Blenheim, Cobleskill, Esperance, Fulton, Middleburgh, Richmondville, Schoharie, Seward, and Wright.
In Blenheim, Democrats Chester Keyser (who’s also running as a Republican) and Phyllis Olsen and Republican Joseph Ward are running for two seats.
In Cobleskill, Brian Lavine (D), Alan Rubin (R/C,I) and Austin Czechowski (R/C/I) are running for two seats.
In Esperance, Tim Rank (D) and Michelle Brust (R) and Larry Sharpe (R) are running for two seats.
In Fulton, Democrats Joseph Batchelder and Paul Wilson and Republicans Richard Mix and C. Bradford Burgett are running for two seats and Peter Shulman (D) and Dwight Gaylon (R) are running for a councilman vacancy.
In Middleburgh, Jim Buzon (D), William Dyer (D), Steve Hendrickson (R/C/I) and Pete Coppolo (R) are all running for two seats.
In Richmondville, Democrats Scott Bennett and Tim Corrigan and Republican Eric Haslun are running for two seats.
In Schoharie, Democrats Matt Brisley and Miriam McGiver and Republicans Floyd Guernsey III and Martin Shrederis are running for two seats.
In Seward, Democrat Nancy Kniskern and Republicans Duane Tillapaugh and Wendy Adams are running for two seats.
In Sharon, there’s a three-way race for highway superintendent between Douglas Face (D), William Barbic III (R) and Kevin Spaulding (Hillbilly Highway Party.)
In Wright, Jacquelyn (D), Anne Ringuette (D) James Goblet (R/C/I) and Jennifer Bernhardt (R) are running for two seats.