SCS plans for Red Flag Law


By Patsy Nicosia

As local schools beef up security at their entrances, they’ll also be keeping an eye on New York State’s Red Flag Law, Schoharie Central School Superintendent David Blanchard said Thursday.
The law, which went into effect at the end of August, allows law enforcement, families, and schools to seek a court petition that would allow police to confiscate guns from someone they feel could be a threat to themselves or others.
Individuals considered a threat would also be unable to purchase a gun.
The Red Flag Law will be a new tools for schools, Mr. Blanchard told school board members, and one SCS is looking to its legal team for advice on.
“Any student we have significant concerns about violent behavior…we could petition the court,” he said.
“It’s a responsibility we haven’t had before.”
Likewise, if any teacher raises concerns about a student, “We will have to consider the Red Flag Law.”
School board members asked whether parents will be notified if that happens.
Yes, Mr. Blanchard said, but that step probably wouldn’t stop administrators from moving forward on the matter.
School board member Dan Guasp said the school needs a written policy on dealing with the law to make sure it’s not implemented “the first time a student says something wrong.
“It doesn’t have any bearing on whether these kids come to school, right? It just removes the weapons from the home?”
Yes to both.
Board President Terry Burton asked whether the school would call its attorneys first.
Not necessarily, Mr. Blanchard said, though again, SCS will be looking to them for guidance.
Typically, he said, the district doesn’t consult its attorneys for most disciplinary decisions.