February meeting to look at 30/30A speed


By Jim Poole

A meeting February 6 will seek public opinion about how fast is too fast on Routes 30 and 30A in the Schoharie Valley.
Called by Assemblyman Chris Tague and Senator Jim Seward, the meeting is in response to concerns that the speed limit should be lowered on the two routes between I-88 and the Village of Schoharie.
The ‘listening session,’ as Assemblyman Tague called it, is at 7pm at the Schoharie Firehouse and is open to the public.
Although the 50 mph speed limit north of Schoharie sparked original concerns, the legislators are also hoping to hear opinions about Route 30 south of the village to Middleburgh.
“We want to get everybody’s opinion on both sides of the issue,” Assemblyman Tague said. “Is there a problem?”
Back in August, people believed there was a problem. Assemblyman Tague and others who regularly drive Route 30 believed there are too many driveways, curves and business entrances for the current 50-mph speed limit.
Then, there was a call for 40 or 45 mph.
The state Department of Transportation determines speed limits. DOT reps have been invited to the February session, but Assemblyman Tague doesn’t know whether they’ll attend.
Senator Seward and Assemblyman Tague plan to collect the opinions at the meeting and present them to DOT.
“The Senator and I will listen, and then we’ll go to DOT,” Assemblyman Tague said. “Is there a problem or are we over-reacting?”
Besides inviting DOT and the public, the legislators have also invited law enforcement, town and village officials from Middleburgh and Schoharie, the two school districts and the fire departments.
Speakers will be limited to two minutes.
Residents and business owners along 30 and 30A have talked about a lower speed limit, and their opinions will count.
“Let’s hear from those affected,” Schoharie County Sheriff Ron Stevens said.