T-J offers COVID recovery ad deal; boosts Grad Section for Class of 2020


The Times-Journal is offering a new advertising deal to help businesses recover from the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.
Customers can buy one ad at the usual rate they pay and publish the ad again the next week at half price.
And they can keep taking advantage of the offer at least through June, according to Publisher Jim Poole.
“We haven’t seen times like these. . .ever,” he said. “Many businesses closed more than two months ago, and others are short-staffed with limited hours.”
Now, however, the region is in Phase 2 of recovery and more businesses can open. With slashed advertising rates, stores can tout their goods, publicize new hours and offer more to customers.
“The local economy was somewhat fragile to begin with,” Mr. Poole said. “The pandemic was a serious blow, and we want to help our neighboring small businesses recover.”
The T-J will likely continue this and other advertising discounts into the summer, he added.

# # #

The Times-Journal’s graduation section will come out July 1, and the T-J is going to greater lengths to honor the class of 2020.
It’s an opportunity in photos and ads to praise seniors who endured even though they were robbed of their final months of school.
The section has always been published in tabloid format, but this year it will be in broadsheet, the usual newspaper size.
“Broadsheet pages are about 40 percent larger than tab pages, so that gives us more room and flexibility for photos and ads,” said T-J Publisher Jim Poole.
Flexibility is important, he added, because commencement ceremonies will be far different than usual because of the pandemic.
Filled with photos, the section usually shows seniors preparing for ceremonies, walking across the stage, speakers addressing students, bands, valedictory and salutatory speeches and more.
Little of that will happen this year, but the T-J will capture the unique ceremonies at each school: Cobleskill-Richmondville, Middleburgh, Schoharie, Sharon Springs, Gilboa-Conesville, Jefferson and Worcester.
Ads are expected to honor seniors at all seven schools.
“This is a chance to show how much the community cares about the class of 2020,” said T-J Sales Manager Bruce Tryon. “They’re a special group.”
As commencement plans firm up, school officials should notify T-J Editor Patsy Nicosia or Mr. Poole at tjournalnews@yahoo.com or 518-234-2515.
Sales rep Denise Leinbach and Mr. Tryon will handle inquiries about advertising, tjournalads@yahoo.com or 518-234-2515.