All our schools easily pass budgets


In results delayed after so many absentee ballots came in that counting them had to be adjourned Tuesday and continued Wednesday, Schoharie Central became the last local school to approve its 2020-21 budget.
SCS voters approved the $24.8 million spending plan, 848-456.
They also approved a bus proposition, 849-453, and re-elected school board incumbents John Florussen and Laraine Gell, both of whom were running unopposed.
In additional school vote updates, GILBOA-CONESVILLE also passed its budget and re-elected Howard Mattsson to the school board to a five-year term.
All other local schools have passed their budgets.
The deadline for ballots to be submitted in person was June 9, however, voters had until 5pm Tuesday, the 16th, to get their mailed ballots in.
COBLESKILL-RICHMONDVILLE voters passed their $43 million budget 1,905-828.
Reelected to the school board were Susan Emerson Strasser (2,050), Bruce Tryon (2,019), Steven Philbrick (1,851).
Colleen Badger polled 1,300 votes.
The Cobleskill Public Library tax was approved with Harriet Berard and John Scott elected to five-year terms as trustees and Janice Clark elected to a four-year term.
Voters also approved a proposition to purchase five school busses.
MIDDLEBURGH voters approved their $22.8 million budget 879-430.
Voters also approved a $363,000 bus proposition and elected Scott Van Kuren to the school board.
Mr. Van Kuren got 815 votes; incumbent Ernest Kuehl Jr. got 449 votes.
In SHARON SPRINGS, voters approved their $10 million budget, 197-24, and reelected Sofia Issa to her own school board seat with 202 votes.
In WORCESTER, the budget passed 374-136 and Michelle Francis was elected to the school board with 411 votes.
A bus proposition passed, 354-154, and the Worcester-Schenevus Library proposition passed 309-201.
In JEFFERSON, the budget passed 261-142; the bus proposition also passed, 250-152.
Edward Slicer and Marc Lawrence were elected to the school board with 163 and 158 votes respectively.