Cobleskill baseball on hold


By Jim Poole

Just like Major League Baseball, Cobleskill Little League is dealing with COVID-19.
The Majors shortened its season from 162 games to 60, and although Little League hasn’t done that, it has paused its season.
The pause started Thursday and lasted at least through Monday, according to coordinator John Hertzler.
There’s also a traveling team, and one player from Oneonta on that team may have come in contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus.
Because some Little Leaguers also play on the traveling team, the Little League Board of Directors called a pause to games and practices.
“We want to be on the up and up,” Mr. Hertzler said. “Let’s get all the facts. We just want to be extra cautious.”
And, he added, “A lot of kids on the traveling team were tested, and nobody came up positive.”
Schoharie County Public Health Director Amy Gildemeister noted Little League directors called the pause on their own; there was no edict from her office.
Mr. Hertzler said the final word will come from the Otsego County Health Department. Because the player in question is from Oneonta, the investigation is by the Otsego Health officials.
It appeared Cobleskill Little League was following safety practices before the pause, Dr. Gildemeister said.
“From what I know it seemed like they were following a COVID plan,” she said. “Kids were far enough apart and wearing masks when they were closer.”
Those safety practices will continue, Mr. Hertzler said. As for the season. . .
“We’ll wait until somebody says we’re good to go,” he said.