Yep, T-J kicks off 2020 Football Challenge


The pro football season is starting––despite COVID––and the Times-Journal Football Challenge is starting with it.
But the Football Challenge, like everything else, is adapting to the changes the pandemic brings.
The basic Challenge remains the same: Pick games, submit your entry, and the best record wins $25.
A full slate of big-time college games doesn’t begin till later this month, so this week’s first Challenge has only 12 pro games.
“We wanted to get started even though we don’t have the usual slate of 10 pro games and five college,” said T-J Publisher Jim Poole.
“It’s still fun, and there’s still a chance to win cash.”
When more college games come on the schedule, the Challenge will go back to its standard 15-game format, Mr. Poole said.
But going forward. . .
“Nobody knows what’s ahead,” Mr. Poole said. “Baseball games were cancelled or postponed, and the same could happen with pro and college football.
“The whole thing could be shut down. But we’ll plow ahead and do the best we can with the Challenge.”
The format is the same as in the past. Fans pick winners and also pick the score of the final game as a tiebreaker. The entry with the best record wins $25.
Fans must get their entries to the T-J office, either dropping off or mailing, by 9am each Saturday. They can also email entries to
One advertiser sponsors the Challenge each week. The first sponsor is the Red Barn Clubhouse.
Rules and an entry form are on page 10 of this week's paper.