Another step forward for McMichael cure


By Jim Poole

After months of frustrating delay, John McMichael’s trials for his coronavirus cure are moving ahead.
“We’re finally picking up a head of steam,” said the Town of Wright scientist, whose product, TML, has cured patients with COVID-19.
TML, however, needs approval from the federal Food and Drug Administration for wide distribution to the public. The trials, or tests, are the first step.
Mr. McMichael has been trying since April to get the trials underway, and after fits and starts, that appears to be happening.
A trial started in Salt Lake City, and Mr. McMichael expected another to begin in New Orleans Monday or Tuesday, though Hurricane Delta delayed the test there.
One will begin in Turkey next week, he said.
“And just this morning, we got inquiries from Mexico and Switzerland,” Mr. McMichael said Friday. “Heaven only knows what will come of that.”
Although there’s been wide interest in TML nationally and even internationally, Mr. McMichael was unable to establish a trial in New York.
“Nobody expressed any interest in the state medical community,” he said.
“Our contacts in New Orleans and Salt Lake City were stronger than in New York State.”
The trial requires 40 COVID patients. Twenty receive TML and 20 get a placebo. The trial is done remotely, with patients being monitored via computer.
One issue has been enlisting patients.
“I don’t know what it is,” Mr. McMichael said. “Do people think little companies can’t do it?”
Physicians in Mr. McMichael’s nationwide Beech Tree Labs, a network of scientists, have given TML to their patients with success––cures within four to 48 hours.
But according to FDA regulations, recruiters trying to sign on patients can’t use those successes as encouragement.
“It’s just an odd thing that people don’t want to try it,” Mr. McMichael said. “Thirty-seven percent of clinical trials–-not just on COVID–-fail because of lack of enrollment.
“It’s so frustrating. It’s free to patients and it’s safe.”
If the trial already started is successful, there will be a larger trial with 200 to 250 patients.
“I’m optimistic,” Mr. McMichael said. “We are gaining.”
He developed TML 20 years ago to treat influenza and herpes viruses. Doctors found by trial and error that it was also successful in treating COVID.