C-R starts info campaign on $14 million February vote


By Jim Poole

A campaign to inform voters about Cobleskill-Richmondville’s large building project begins this week.
The campaign is in preparation for the public vote February 3 on the $14.1 million project.
Superintendent Carl Mummenthey briefed the school board Monday night, announcing that voters will learn more via C-R’s website, social media, news stories, a newsletter and virtual town hall meetings––all with the vote just three weeks away.
The first session is a virtual town hall meeting this Thursday at 7pm. People can view the meeting by going to C-R’s website, clicking the ‘February 3 Referendum’ button and then hitting ‘Livestream’ to get to the Schopeg broadcast.
C-R is asking residents to offer questions or comments by sending an email to information@crcsd.org with the subject line ‘Town Hall’ before the meeting.
A second, similar virtual meeting will be next Tuesday, January 19 at 3:30pm. This meeting can be accessed and questions and comments submitted in the same manner as the first meeting.
Board President Bruce Tryon asked why the second meeting was in the afternoon, and Mr. Mummenthey said the night meeting was for people who work during the day, the earlier one for those who work at night.
“We expect more school staff to watch the one at 3:30,” Mr. Mummenthey said.
C-R will mail the newsletter to residents by January 15.
Residents can also learn more by visiting the school district website and going to the Capital Project page.
“It’s all giving people a look at the work we hope to achieve,” Mr. Mummenthey said.
That work will be at all four schools––Ryder, Radez, Golding and the high school––and will be necessary maintenance: Roof replacement, security improvements, cafeteria work, renovations, cooling and more.
Mr. Mummenthey has described the work in the past as necessary maintenance that will only cost more if it’s delayed.
State aid will pay for about 85 percent of the cost.
C-R officials believe the local share won’t increase taxes. The district will be paying off one debt first, then assuming this loan.
There will be a public hearing about the project at the next school board meeting January 25.
February 3 in-person voting will be in the Hall of Flags at the high school; residents can request absentee ballots.