Time for Pomp and Circumstance


High school seniors will graduate in the Times-Journal area with pomp, circumstance, smiles and a few tears this weekend.
Times, dates and speakers follow for local schools:
Graduation will be 7pm Friday in the high school gym.
Speakers will be valedictorian Darcy McMullen, salutatorian Cassandra Lloyd and honor graduate Isabella Hanu.
Sharon Springs
Commencement will be 7pm Friday in the auditorium.
Speakers will be valedictorian Stephanie Goodwin and salutatorian Kali Christman.
Graduation will be at 10am Saturday in the high school gym.
Giving senior addresses will be salutatorian Maxwell Meadows, valedictorian Lindsay Stolzenburg and class president Kaitlyn Dano. Paul Sherman will be the guest speaker.
Graduation will be at 10am Saturday at the school.
There will be five speakers: valedictorian Jessica Lane, salutatorian Samantha Fancher and honor graduates Gregory Thomas, Amber Voorhees and Kelly Kiley.
Commencement will be at 1pm Saturday in the high school theater.
Speakers will be Kim and Catherine Weidman. Mr. Weidman is a retired C-R science teacher; Ms. Weidman is retiring this year as a C-R math teacher.
Also speaking will representatives from the classes of 1958: John Bates for Cobleskill and Carole Radez Barris from Richmondville.
Graduates giving speeches will be valedictorian Hannah Trees and salutatorian Elizabeth Kerr.
Graduation will be at 2pm Saturday in the gym.
Speakers will include valedictorian Kaylin Thonnesen and salutatorian James Bertucci.
Graduation will be Sunday at 2pm in the gym.
Speakers will be school board president Michelle Empie, valedictorian Pamela Rooney, salutatorian Rachel Golja and class president Zachary Clark.