November races firming up


By Jim Poole

Control of the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors is up for grabs in November.
Although there are only seven races for supervisor among the 16 towns, Democrats could make inroads into the lopsided Republican majority on the board.
Republicans control 12 of the 16 seats on the board. Of those, 12, Democrats are contesting four.
Democrats have supervisor seats in four towns; Republicans are challenging them in one.
Middleburgh and Sharon supervisors’ posts are four-year terms and are not on the ballot this year. Republicans hold both, although it’s unclear what would happen if Sharon’s Tony Desmond, who’s running for sheriff, wins that race.
Although parties had until late Tuesday to fill vacancies on the ballot, a town-by-town look at the 14 supervisor races follows:
Blenheim: Bob Mann, a Republican, is unopposed.
Broome: Marie Campbell, a Democrat, is unopposed.
Carlisle: Incumbent Republican Larry Bradt is being challenged by Democrat Lester Hay.
Cobleskill: Incumbent Republican Roger Cohn is not seeking re-election. Councilman Linda Angell, a Republican, is running against Democrat Tom Murray.
Conesville: Incumbent Republican Mike Brandow is facing opposition from Democrat David Merwin.
Esperance: Incumbent Republican Earl VanWormer is unopposed.
Fulton: Incumbent Democrat Phil Skowfoe is unopposed.
Gilboa: Incumbent Tony Van Glad, a Republican, is unopposed.
Jefferson: Republican Richard Kuhn is not seeking re-election. Daniel Singletary, also a Republican, is unopposed.
Richmondville: Incumbent Republican John Barlow is being challenged by Democrat Scott Bennett, a councilman.
Schoharie: Incumbent Republican Martin Shrederis is facing opposition from Democratic Councilman Gene Milone.
Seward: Incumbent Democrat Larry Phillips is running on the Clearview Party line. Carl Barbic is on the Democratic ticket, and David Slater is on the Conservative line.
Summit: Harold Vroman, a Republican, is unopposed.
Wright: Incumbent Democrat Sue Loden is not seeking re-election. John Sanchirico is on the Democratic line, and William Goblet is on the Republican ticket. Both are councilmen.