C-R issues warning after sexting


By Jim Poole

Cobleskill-Richmondville is warning students and parents about the potential risks of electronic messaging after a “sexting” incident at Golding Middle School.
This is C-R’s first instance of sexting, or using a cell phone to send nude or partially nude photos attached to a text message, according to Superintendent Lynn Macan.
The incident occurred in April between a middle school boy and girl. One sent a message and the other responded, Ms. Macan said.
And then the sexting messages were forwarded elsewhere.
“It didn’t take place in the school, but it reverberated throughout the school,” Ms. Macan said.
School officials notified the Cobleskill Police Department as a safety precaution.
They also sent a letter home to parents alerting them of the incident and its dangers.
“We want to have kids learn the consequences of something like this,” Ms. Macan said. “This stuff goes around the world.”
Middle School Principal Scott McDonald agreed, adding that although kids probably wouldn’t talk about texting and sexting, the letter gives parents the opportunity to bring up the subjects.
“This makes the conversation come out,” Mr. McDonald said. “It provokes conversation around the dinner table.”
The students involved don’t face legal or disciplinary action because the incidents didn’t happen at school.
But administrators want parents and kids to be aware.
“This was a learning experience for us, the kids and parents,” Ms. Macan said.
“This is about responsible use of technology and privacy in technology,” Mr. McDonald added. “It’s all about keeping kids safe.”
He said the middle school staff will continue to monitor the situation and keep parents informed.