Cobleskill to take another look at CGR


Cobleskill Mayor Mark Nadeau stopped by the town’s meeting Monday night to invite Supervisor Tom Murray and councilmen to another meeting this Monday to take another look at the July 2008 CGR study.
Mayor Nadeau said he’s hoping to set up a committee to look at everything from inter-municipal agreements to annexation between the village and the town.
“Dissolution could be one of the topics,” he said in response to questions from councilmen. So could annexation.”
The meeting will be 10am Monday in the village Codes Office, downstairs at the Mineral Springs Road building, but will likely move upstairs to the court if enough people show up, Mayor Nadeau said.
The complete CGR—Center for Governmental Research—report is available on the village’s website.
Among the possibilities the report suggested:
• Sharing services in planning, codes, enforcement and zoning; courts and administrative offices.
• Considering alternatives for providing police and water and sewer services.
• Becoming a city.
Under current administrations, the village and town have already acted on many of those suggestions.
Less successful was a Dissolution Committee appointed by the previous administration that dissolved itself in January for lack of a clear focus and money for legal advice.
Monday’s meeting is open to the public.