Mixed results in school budgets



Voters in five local school districts had mixed feeling about districts’ 2010-11 budget requests.
At Cobleskill-Richmondville, voters okayed a $36 million budget, 925-627.
In the school board race, Jeff Foote, with 787 votes, won over incumbent Dan Schulte (430) and Deb Stolar (241.)
Running unopposed for her own seat, Maureen Nicholas got 954 votes.
The bus proposition passed, 879-659, and the $223,500 Community Library budget passed, 965-574.
At Schoharie, voters rejected a $19.9 million budget, 588-510.
In the school board race, winners were Terry Burton (725) Marion Jaqueway (682) and Edythe Schultz (643) over Pamela Newell (523).
The bus proposition passed, 566-521; the $60,000 Schoharie Free Library budget passed, 618-474.
In Middleburgh, the $20.4 million budget passed narrowly, 411-407.
The bus proposition failed, 458-353.
Elected to the school board were Donald Wood (445) and Tom Gruning (350), over Maurice Lawton (322) and Lillian Bruno (289).
At Sharon Springs, the $8.1 million budget passed, 203-125.
Paul Larkin was elected to the school board with 168 votes over Mitchell Owens, 147.
The bus proposition was approved, 177-150.
In Worcester, voters rejected the $8.7 million budget by a 2-1 margin in a 413-210 vote.
Russell Anderson was elected to the school board with 367 votes.
In Duanesburg, voters approved the $14,616,629 budget, 489-335, approved the bus proposition, 464-355, and re-elected Carolos Moreno, Cecilia Tkaczkk, and Henry Geidel to their own seats on the school board.