Spa crime stats down; crime, probably not


By Patsy Nicosia

Crime statistics-but not necessarily crime-are down in the Town of Sharon.
Judge Evelyn Falsarella reviewed her 2012 Town Court books for Supervisor Sandra Manko and councilmen Wednesday, pointing out that while at the end of '11 she had two binders of tickets, this year there was just one.
"They're not writing the tickets," Judge Falsarella said. "We don't know why and it's not just Sharon. It may be that they're busy with other things," including dealing with a string of thefts in the Hurricane Irene flood corridor and even in Cobleskill.
"I've never had a year as slow as this year," Judge Falsarella added.
"Somehow, I don't think crime is down," said Ms. Manko.
The Town of Sharon Court started 297 cases in '12 and closed out 157 of them, Judge Falsarella said.
Of the 297 cases, four were DWIs and for the first time she can remember, she said, there were no AUOs-aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.
There were 64 tickets written for speeding and eight tickets were written for EnCon violations.
Two hundred and eleven defendants went through the court with an average of 1.41 charges for each, and there were seven small claims cases filed.
A total of $18,995 in fines was assessed-but not necessarily collected.
Of that, $9,575 went to New York State as surcharges and $257.50 went to civil fees.