'Resist and Rescind' Constitution kicks off


By Patsy Nicosia

The Center for Sustainable Rural Communities and Stop the Pipeline will be joining forces Saturday for a door-to-door Resist and Rescind Campaign in Richmondville and Summit.
The goal, said Bob Nied, a member of both groups, is to give residents along Constitution Pipeline's latest proposed route the information they need to keep surveyors off their property-or rescind permission if they've already given it.
Volunteers will be going door-to-door with information and templates for letters; similar efforts are already underway in Delaware County.
"People need to be aware of their rights...you don't need to let these people on your land," Mr. Nied said.
He said both the CSRC and STP have gotten calls from people who initially agreed to allow surveyors on their property, but have since changed their minds.
"It just takes a letter," he added.
Mr. Nied said their ultimate goal is to drop support for the pipeline to levels that will guarantee the only way to get access to the land will be through eminent domain.
"If that happens, they're not going to get FERC approval," he said.
"This is a really powerful weapon...it's probably the most effective one we have.
Last Wednesday, Constitution representatives unveiled their latest proposed route and said their final application won't go to FERC till May at the earliest.
Mr. Nied said the constant refining of the route has only worked in opponents' favor.
"Every time they change the route, it gives us more people," he said.