We the People to rally against gun law


By Jim Poole

A group calling itself We the People will rally against New York's new gun-control law next Saturday, March 16.
The rally will be at the Daughters of the American Revolution building in Schoharie at 1pm.
The event follows the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors' resolution, approved last month, that blasts Governor Andrew Cuomo's NY SAFE Act.
Carlisle Supervisor Larry Bradt wrote the resolution, and he's also been instrumental in putting together the We the People rally.
"I got the idea after getting a letter from Art Van Aken, a World War II veteran from Gilboa," Mr. Bradt said. "It brought tears to my eyes."
Like Mr. Bradt, critics of the law feel it compromises the right to bear arms and also that it was approved hastily, with no public input.
"A number of people feel it's in violation of our Constitutional rights," Mr. Bradt said.
Picking up on Mr. Van Aken's theme, the rally will recognize and honor veterans who bore arms in serving the country.
So far, speakers include Sheriff Tony Desmond, Senator Jim Seward, Assemblyman Peter Lopez, veteran Joe Moore, County Clerk Indy Jaycox, Ray Zeh of the Schoharie County Conservation Association and Carlisle Councilman Kevin Sisson.
Mr. Bradt will speak for Mr. Van Aken.
The goal of the supervisors' resolution and the March 16 rally is to have the NY SAFE Act repealed.
"Thirty counties so far have passed resolutions against it," Mr. Bradt said. "We're hoping for 55 out of 62. This thing is huge."