Wright: No plans now to replace late supervisor


By David Avitabile

Citing forward progress as a board and a town, Wright town board members declined to appoint a new supervisor Monday night.
Several residents, noting that the town does not have a vote at county board meetings, pushed for board members to appoint a new supervisor to replace the late Bill Goblet but members, as they have for several months, debated the issue but took no vote.
Deputy Supervisor Amber Bleau has been handling town business and has been attending the monthly county board meetings since Mr. Goblet's death earlier this year but unless she is appointed as supervisor, she cannot vote at county board meetings.
The town board is working well together and progress is being made, noted Ms. Bleau.
"Our focus is bringing this board together and accomplishing things. We are working together. We are going down the list and checking things off. We are getting things done."
She said she would have no problem if the town has no vote at the county level for the next three months.
"If we can't work together as a town, how can we present ourselves to the county."
Ms. Bleau added that the board can appoint a supervisor after a new one is elected in November.
That explanation was not good enough for resident John Gorsin.
"We should have a vote at the county seat...This is stagnant. This is lame."
Councilman Ed Thornton wanted to move on to another issue but Mr. Gorsin persisted, asking board members if they would appoint the right person. They all agreed but Ms. Bleau said appointing someone new as supervisor for three months would not accomplish much.
Mr. Gorsin said the person would be in office for at least six months.
When prompted, Councilman Alex Luniewski said he would have "no problem" with appointing Ms. Bleau, but, Ms. Bleau would have to resign from the board in order to be appointed supervisor and Councilwoman Jean Burton has already said publicly that she would not support Ms. Bleau. Without Ms. Burton's vote, Ms. Bleau would not receive a majority vote for supervisor.
Ms. Bleau noted that if Ms. Burton was the deputy, she would vote for her for supervisor, though some residents doubted this.
"It's going to go nowhere," Mr. Thornton argued. "Let it go."
The board has moved forward in the past few months, he continued.
"We're putting bad situations behind us one by one."
Resident Karl Remmers said he would be willing to serve as supervisor through the election without pay. He intends to run in the fall.
Mr. Gorsin continued to push for action but Mr. Thornton countered, "You think it's that important. I don't."
Resident Joy Heckman added, "We need to move on," noting that board members can appoint the person elected as supervisor in November.