Sharon looks at letting livestock into village


By Patsy Nicosia

Even as the Village of Cobleskill has decided not to allow goats within its boundaries, the Village of Sharon Springs is considering reworking its zoning to let them in.
Mayor Doug Plummer said he's heard from a handful of people interested in having backyard chickens-which are allowed in Cobleskill-as well as bees and even goats in the village.
Sharon's existing laws are antiquated, he said; technically they forbid even guinea pigs.
Codes enforcement Officer Gene DiMarco pointed out there are a number of large parcels in the village, most of them on the outskirts, and many of them probably large enough for some kind of livestock with the right sort of zoning regulations in place.
The Planning Board will take a look at the possibility as well as the possibility of rezoning the upper section of Route 10, which is currently zoned residential/transitional.
"A lot of folks would like to see more shops in some of the houses at the upper end of the village," Mayor Plummer said.
"Something that would open up different possibilities."