Richmondville town, village still looking at shared space


By Jim Poole

The Village and Town of Richmondville will continue to examine a shared municipal office even though they didn't get a grant to build a new town-village hall.
The village and town applied for a $750,000 grant late last summer but learned earlier this year that it wasn't approved.
The grant was the key to the project because the two municipalities can't afford to lay the cost on taxpayers, village Mayor Kevin Neary said.
The idea was to build the new hall on Holmes Street, at the site of the former Richmondville Volunteer Emergency Squad building.
With that plan on the back burner, village and town officials are looking at other options, which would probably require further grant applications.
One option is to repair and expand the current village office to accommodate the town, Mayor Neary said.
"We can study the space required and the handicap accessibility," he said.
But Mayor Neary added that the town court would require more space.
Town Supervisor Dick Lape endorsed the general idea of sharing the village office, but like Mayor Neary, said grants are essential.
To that end, he's having Shane Nickle of the county Planning and Development Agency, come to the town meeting next Thursday, the 13th, to discuss grant possibilities.
Town and village officials have been discussing a shared office for more than a year as a way to save money and as a convenience for residents.
The village office needs repairs and updating, while the town office, in a Quonset hut on Main Street, is too small and needs handicap accessibility.