Good showing at Fair for 4-H kids


Schoharie County youth exhibited their best projects at this year's Schoharie County Sunshine Fair.
Art work, baked goods, photography, sewing, vegetables, cut flowers, science projects, and more were on display in Progressland along with tents and barns filled with project animals. Schoharie County youth prepare all year for fair week and like to share their work with the community.
Youth Department Horse Results
Showmanship Champion: Sydney Seegers; Showmanship Reserve Champion: Randi Bell.
English Walk/Trot: Champion: Allison Lamb; Reserve: Makayla Ryder.
English Junior: Champion: Sydney Seegers; Reserve: Taylor Burton.
English Senior: Champion: Shannon Vogt.
Western Walk/Trot: Champion: Makayla Ryder.
Western Junior: Champion: Taylor Burton; Reserve: Sydney Seegers.
Western Senior: Champion: Randi Bell; Reserve: Shannon Vogt.
Gymkhana Walk/Jog: Champion: Makayla Ryder; Reserve: Allison Lamb.
Gymkhana Junior: Champion: Sydney Seegers; Reserve: Taylor Burton.
Gymkhana Senior: Champion: Shannon Vogt; Reserve: Makayla Ryder.
Miniature Horse: Champion: Krista Ryder; Reserve: Makayla Ryder.
Youth Department Rabbit Results
Best of Show: Logan Eggelston; Showmanship Champion: Alexandria Lincoln, Reserve showmanship champion: Samuel Weeks.
Best of Breeds: New Zealand: Logan Eggleston; Satin: Logan Eggleston; Mini Lob: Rylee Fancher; Mini Rex: Samuel Weeks; Neatherland Dwarf: Alexandria Lincoln.
Youth Department Dog Obedience Results
Best in Show: Brielle Wilday.
Youth Department Poultry Results
Best in Show: Jacob Fagnani; Showmanship Champion: Kathryn Santoro, Showmanship Reserve Champion: Jacob Fagnani.
Hen: Champion Hen: Jacob Fagnani; Reserve Hen: Kathryn Santoro.
Cock: Champion Cock: Kathryn Santoro; Reserve Cock: Jacob Fagnani.
Pullet: Champion Pullet: Adam Euler; Reserve Pullet: Madelyn Palmer.
Cockerel: Champion Cockerel: Adam Euler.
Waterfowl: Champion Waterfowl: Mathilda Scott; Reserve Waterfowl: Kathryn Santoro.
Youth Department Goat Results
Best of Show: Matthew Kelley; Best Bred and Owned: Matthew Kelley; Showmanship Champion: Matthew Kelley, Showmanship Reserve Champion: Katerina Weingarten.
Champion of Breeds: Champion Alpine: Matthew Kelley; Reserve Champion Alpine: Evan Kelley; Champion Oberhasli: Madelyn Badger; Reserve Champion Oberhasli: Madelyn Badger; Champion Saanen: Samuel Weeks; Champion Toggenburg: Katerina Weingarten; Champion Meat Goat: Shannon Sears; Reserve Champion Meat Goat: Shannon Sears; Champion Recorded Grade: Shannon Sears; Reserve Champion Recorded Grade: Shannon Sears.
Youth Department Dairy Results
Supreme Champion Dairy Animal: Devin Prokop; Best Bred and Owned: Cody Sears; Showmanship Champion: Shannon Sears, Showmanship Reserve Champion: Tim Dahl.
Holstein Breed: Junior Champion: Shannon Sears; Reserve Jr. Champion: Jack Brown; Senior Champion: Cody Sears; Reserve Sr. Champion: Samantha Hauenstein; Grand Champion Holstein: Cody Sears; Reserve Grand Champion Holstein: Samantha Hauenstein.
Jersey Breed: Junior Champion: Devin Prokop; Reserve Jr. Champion: Kayla Stanton; Senior Champion: Devin Prokop; Reserve Jr. Champion: Devin Prokop; Grand Champion Jersey: Devin Prokop; Reserve Champion Jersey: Devin Prokop.
Ayrshire Breed: Junior Champion: Abigail DeSormeau.
Swiss Breed: Junior Champion: Kristin Hauenstein.
Youth Department Beef Results
Grand Champion Beef of Show: Matthew Kelley; Best Bred and Owned: Nathan Hay; Showmanship Champion: Matthew Kelley, Showmanship Reserve Champion: Anna King.
Champion of Breed: Angus Champion: Matthew Kelley; Commercial Champion: Matthew Kelley; Other Breeds Champion: Nathan Hay.
Grand Champion Animals: Grand Champion Female: Matthew Kelley; Grand Champion Cow & Calf: Anna King; Grand Champion Commercial: Matthew Kelley; Reserve Champion Commercial: Evan Kelley.
Youth Department Sheep Results
Champion of Breeds/Best in Show: Gabe Eggleston; Showmanship Champion: Jeffrey Weeks, Showmanship Reserve Champion: Mathilda Scott.
Champion of Breed: Champion Natural Color: Devin Lacko; Reserve Champion Natural Color: Devin Lacko; Champion Other Wool Breeds: Devin Lacko; Reserve Champion Other Wool Breeds: Devin Lacko; Champion Other Meat Breeds: Gabe Eggleston; Reserve Champion Other Meat Breeds: Mathilda Scott; Champion Shopshire: Gabe Eggleston; Reserve Champion Shopshire: Jeffrey Weeks.
Youth Department Non-Animal Entries Results
Best of Show: Mathilda Scott: Recycled Materials, Quilt; Alexandria Lincoln: Vegetables, Garlic; Sylvi Diamond: Cut Flowers, Astilbe; Brianna Coluccio: Photography; Madelyn Badger: Sewing, Baby Costume; Megan Krisowaty: Fine Arts, Pencil Drawing; Carly Diamond: Baked Goods, Linzer Torte.
Youth Department Model Horse Results
Champion Western: Taylor Burton; Reserve Champion Western: Allison Lamb; Champion English: Sydney Seegers; Reserve Champion English: Krista Ryder; Champion Breeds: Krista Ryder; Reserve Champion Breeds: Allison Lamb; Champion Gender: Sydney Seegers; Reserve Champion Gender: Krista Ryder; Champion Other: Allison Lamb; Reserve Champion Other: Krista Ryder.