Here they are: 2014 T-J Star nominations


A constellation of Schoharie County residents with an impressive list of contributions and accomplishments have been nominated for this 2014 Times-Journal Star award.
Who'll be the winner?
We'll let you know next week.
Until then, the nominees are:
--Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail founders Sharon Aitchison, Ginny Schaum and Betty Pillsbury.
--Mary Lou Garret.
--Tim Knight.
--Wes Laraway and Kelly Martin.
--Bill Cherry.
--Matthew Avitabile.
--Middleburgh Village Board.
--Richard Cooper.
--Garth Roberts.
--Doug Plummer and Garth Roberts.
--Norine Hodges.
--David Cox.
--Janet Putnam.
--Paul Stoddard and Todd Cipperly.
--Mary Robinson.
--Jacqui Hauser.
--John DeSando.
--Chris Tague.
--Frank Masterson.
-Leelani Succi Voigtland.
--Anne Myers.