Middleburgh comes up with wish list for NYPA


By David Avitabile

The licensing for the New York Power Authority's power project at Blenheim-Gilboa expires in 2019, but the Village of Middleburgh has already issued requests for funding from the NYPA.
Village officials last week reviewed a letter written by Trustee Bill Morton and Mayor Matthew Avitabile addressed to the national Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
The three-page letter, a copy of which was also sent to the governor, the DEC, the DEP, and the county, discusses reducing downstream flooding, as well as mentioning the areas that need funding in the village.
When their re-licensing has been approved in other areas of the state, NYPA officials have given local communities funding for various projects.
NYPA has already submitted preliminary documents to FERC and must formally apply by 2017. The license for the power project expires in April 2019.
Local communities, as well as individuals, have had an opportunity to comment on the re-licensing, and some communities have begun making requests as part of the NYPA's community contribution program.
"I wonder what would happen if they didn't get their license," asked village Trustee Bob Tinker.
The Middleburgh Fire Department provides first-responder services to the power project.
Department members have already submitted comments on the re-licensing along with a list of building expansion and equipment needs to further build first response capacity. The village fully supports these requests through the community contribution program.
In addition to funding for the fire department, village officials are asking for aid in several different areas.
Those include: broad infrastructure projects such as the full rehabilitation of the sewer plant with a possible expansion; the purchase and switch to LED street lighting; a photo electric system; solar-operated traffic lights; the overhaul of the village hall in case of use as an emergency shelter; storm preparation; parking and recreation; funding for the Youth Commission including pool repair and possible enclosure of the village pool; improvements to the water system and the drainage system on Railroad Avenue; streambank repair along Baker Avenue; and economic development.