Concerns over Straub Lane bridge


By David Avitabile

Straub Lane bridge is posted for five tons, but town officials have gotten several complaints lately that a full-sized oil truck has been using the span.
Town highway Superintendent Dale Nunamann told board member Thursday that he has been getting a "rash of complaints" about the truck using the bridge. The bridge, which is off Main Street, is in the village, but all bridges are under the jurisdiction of the town. Straub Lane leads to the Cliff Side development complex.
The bridge, Superintendent Nunamann noted, is posted for five tons with large three-by-three-foot signs noting the limit.
Superintendent Nunamann said he called the owner of the oil truck and was told that the truck was empty, though it may have been carrying about 150 gallons.
He informed the truck owner that no one knows whether the truck is empty or full when it goes over the small bridge.
"You have a lot of money in that bridge," Superintendent Nunamann told board members.
Several town officials were certain that the truck weighs over five tons even when empty.
Supervisor Jim Buzon said he will contact the town attorney about a next step. Some officials suggested a letter from the attorney to the truck owner to "put him on notice."
Other delivery trucks that need to get to the development, such as garbage trucks, go around and use other village streets to avoid using the small bridge, according to Superintendent Nunamann.
This has been the only time he has gotten complaints about trucks using the span, he added.
The bridge was redone about five years ago at town expense. The town borrowed the funds to do the construction.