T-J subs earn $ for C-R All-Sports Booster Club


The Times-Journal and its subscribers raised $225 for the Cobleskill-Richmondville All-Sports Booster Club.
T-J Sales Manager Bruce Tryon presented the check to Booster Club members Saturday for the first leg of the promotion, which will continue through the winter and spring sports seasons.
The Booster Club is selling T-J subscriptions, and the club gets a cut of the proceeds.
"The Booster Club is all about supporting kids, so we want to help them with the effort," said T-J Publisher Jim Poole.
Times-Journal subscriptions cost $50. For every new subscription club members sell, the T-J will give the club $15; for every renewal, the club will get $5.
Readers needn't wait till their current subscription expires to renew. They can renew any time, especially now to help the Booster Club.
"Even if you renewed in November, you can add another year now and help the Booster Club," Mr. Poole said.
The Booster Club supports all C-R sports, and money raised will help buy what teams need and want.
Club members will be handing out flyers at C-R games this winter. Fans can return the flyer and payment to the T-J, and the paper will in turn pay the club.
Mr. Poole said the T-J is willing to work with clubs in other school districts if they're interested in similar fundraising.
"If it helps clubs raise money for their goals, we're willing to pitch in," he said.